The Kontraband heats up with “The What” -Release #1 

KB Jones & The Kontraband:

Band leader, Daniel “KB Jones” Munoz, started his career in his early teens writing poetry as a way of expression. Over the past 10 years he has transformed from a writer, to one of LI’s most lyrically profound MC’s and talented producers, creating music and videos out of his home studio. Fast forwarding to 2013, he has now joined forces with the master minds of his band, creating- KB Jones & The Kontraband. Together they are currently living, recording and producing projects all under one roof in Astoria, NY.

For 2013, KB Jones & The Kontraband collectively will be releasing a series of songs under the compilation “Hot Soup!” Vol 1.  Spotlighting each band member’s background, showcasing their specialties in music and heavily diverse musicality’s.  Blanketing the realms of funk, hip hop, pop, and classic rock, The Kontraband strides to create an atmosphere of party-filled fun. Taking an unbiased, non-genre specific, fusion of musical forms, their releases reflect on the ever evolving pop music scene.

RELEASE NUMBER 1: ‘THE WHAT— Explained by The Kontraband

"Born from a random afternoon jam with John Rivera [featured violinist].. he came by with a cool idea for a melody"..”we all started jamming to it and birthed our melody for ‘The What’ ”.

“Once it was laid down, the whole picture just came into place”..

"Dan wrote the lyrics right on the spot, reminiscent of A Tribe Called Quest’s, ‘What?’.

Featuring blunt and cynical observations, in a light-hearted fast motion video,

"The What’ showcases the irony of the world we live in, giving comparisons of how society has left opinions to being purely black and white. Once we say them out loud you’ll see that by leaving out the grey areas the devil really is in the details"…

"When we started brainstorming for a video concept, we knew that we wanted to emphasize the words in the song" ..

"Going back to musical roots, we combined the idea of writing key words on cue cards, with modern day video editing to create the vibe and effects we wanted" ..

"The What" is just the first of many more songs that we’ll be releasing over the next month, all showcasing different viewpoints and our different backgrounds as musicians". "Hot Soup!".

The Kontraband is :

Singer/MC - Daniel “KB Jones” Munoz

Guitarist- Steve Gornic

Bassist- Andrew “Smooth Action” DeMatteo

Drummer- Mike Deconzo


KB Jones & The Kontraband will be celebrating their “Hot Soup!” Vol 1 releases (and Summer Birthdays) by headlining a 4 week residency at THE TRASH BAR in Williamsburg Brooklyn - July 18, July 25th, Aug 1st & Aug 8th at 9pm.

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